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My take, not that anyone asked: This is an unorganized parade and it should have been permitted, and registered as such.

Nobody is stopping any of these folks from buying what the need, including paint. It was said you had to purchase online, same w/ garden and other areas.

Closing of garden centers should have been a bigger boost to small business, which is what's they're supposed to be all about.

Still not sure why lawn service jobs were not exempt, however when this started and even today, there's snow on the ground. There hasn't been enough growth for a single person to mow yet.


"And police were not allowed to pull drivers over for suspected executive order violations."

This is correct, but from the pictures posted, i see people texting and driving, driving without seatbelts, and people standing in beds of pickups in a driving lane.

The whole purpose.... to block traffic, and draw attention, but when you see a handful of people doing this on a roadway, they scream that they should be run over. Pot meet Kettle

From: Thousands converge on Lansing to protest statewide lockdown

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