Our store has no walls or barrier, only a ‘Wall of Love’


Though we have the coolest selection of books, cards, memorabilia and more inside, it’s what’s on the outside that counts too. Last month we teamed up with former homeless person Holly Jackson to install a “Wall of Love” outside the store for the homeless population. It is a wooden wall with pinned everyday hygiene products and supplies in plastic bags that the underserved population has scarce access to.

Our wall is part of a movement of 194 across the country. Also, we installed an outdoor food bank with Punks With Lunch Lansing to grant 24-hour access to food for anyone who is in need. Better yet, it is in the form of a “TARDIS” phone booth from British hit show “Doctor Who.” Just like how everybody reads, everybody eats and everybody deserves to feel clean. Be a part of these installations today as a recipient or donor. 


Everybody Reads Books and Stuff

2019 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, MI

(517) 346-9900



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