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Facial fat injections give long lasting results to fight signs of aging

By Rick Smith, MD


Fat grafting is a procedure that is often recommended to patients due to the loss of volume in the cheeks and under the eyes.

Dr. Smith can perform this procedure alone or in conjunction with a facelift procedure if you are also concerned with laxity in the jowls. The facelift tightens the underlying structures while the fat grafting adds back the volume lost due to aging.

The fat is typically harvested through liposuction from the abdominal area. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of the fat will be retained and the body will naturally absorb the rest.

Dermal filler results typically last six to 18 months while fat grafting can give long lasting results.

Fat grafting procedures are scheduled on an outpatient basis with a light sedative. Bruising and swelling will typically resolve within seven to 10 days.

Please contact Dr. Smith’s office for more information about the procedure or to schedule a consultation.

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