Facts About Synthetic Diamonds


Last month, we discussed facts about natural diamonds. This month we’ll look at man-made diamonds.

1. Lab-grown diamonds are made of the same physical and chemical components, but they are not identical to natural diamonds.

2. Synthetic diamonds are created in factories around the world in a matter of weeks, either using a High Pressure High Temperature method or a Chemical Vapor Deposition. Both methods give the stones “growth marks” that can be seen by professional instruments.

3. While we may think synthetic diamonds are more eco-friendly, they are not. To create a one carat diamond in a lab, the carbon emissions are similar to if not greater than mining a natural diamond of the same size. This high carbon footprint comes from the electricity to run the factories.

4. Lab-grown diamonds are now, for the first time, readily available at significantly lower cost than natural goods. Synthetic diamonds are indistinguishable from natural stones, even under low magnification, to the naked eye, making them a highly desirable option for any price conscious shopper. One should always inquire when purchasing a diamond: Is the stone natural or lab-grown?

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