Five Diamond Truths


Diamonds are older than life on Earth. Most were created 300 billion years ago. They are pushed up by volcanic eruptions. Diamonds are the oldest objects most of us will ever hold.

Diamonds are getting rarer everyday. And even more rare are the ones we use for jewelry. Most are used for industry, including plasma cutting and polishing.

The number of recovered diamonds peaked in 2005 and is predicted to fall dramatically over the next decade.

The demand for diamonds has never been stronger. Younger generations, including Millennials, have a strong interest in diamond jewelry.

A real, natural diamond can carry deep meaning, especially as it is billions of years old in our fast-paced world.

“Conflict diamonds” belong to the past. Major producers of diamonds have safeguards in place to guarantee the stones come from conflict-free areas and are produced responsibly from mine to store.

Diamonds are an important contribution to the world. The industry surrounding diamonds is the livelihood of 10 million people around the world. It has lifted the people of Botswana from one of the poorest countries to a middle-income country with the revenue from diamonds.

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