Hot Water Works - FuroHealth tubs

By Jessica Graham & Michelle Humes


Hot Water Works - FuroHealth tubs

For hundreds of years, the Finns have taken a plunge in a lake for well-being after an intense 200-degree sauna. Tony Robbins, life coach and philanthropist, starts every morning with a sauna and plunge in a cold tub.

Made in Lansing, our FuroHealth hot and cold tubs are being shipped all across the U.S., providing this tried and true method of hydrotherapy within the convenience of your own home.

FuroHealth tubs are our own signature brand designed and built by our father, James McFarland, after experiencing the Japanese style soak tubs in the ‘70s. Ever the inventor, he built the prototype in a closet in our family home in the ‘80s, pouring in a concrete tub and even custom building a tankless hot water heater to heat the massive tub.

The method of building our FuroHealth tubs were refined a few times since then. Our tubs now have a sleek and modern design with a state-of-the-art water purification system to maintain chemical-free soaking and clean water for extended periods of time.

The heat removes toxins and loosens muscles while the cold relieves inflammation and fights depression.

Don’t hesitate to get into the chilly side of hydrotherapy. Remember, hot (and cold) water works!


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