“If everyone who complimented our beautiful gallery bought a card, we’d still be open.”

By Kathy Holcomb


We get a lot of people looking for souvenirs of Lansing and Michigan because they are visiting the area looking for something cool or are traveling overseas.

We wanted to come up with something handmade that represents the area. I worked with a mother and son who both happen to be engineers. They have the equipment so we developed a multiple panel diorama with supporting materials to hold them together.

We started out just doing the one of Michigan then we had people asking for Lansing specific. Coming up with something Lansing specific was a little harder. We ended up driving around to different buildings seeing what we could come up with to represent Lansing well — We didn’t want to do the smokestacks because I’d like to be something more than just the smokestacks.

What’s cool is we came up with the Boji tower, a sculpture from the Capitol complex and the Capitol. It was a difficult process because we wanted them to look good together with dimension and height and different shapes when you look through this window of what this world is. What we ended up with was something cool and not just touristy stuff.

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