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Joe Vitale offers a customized moving plan fit for any customer

Joe Vitale


The most important thing is to have an idea of the space you are moving into. People who are upsizing don't need to get rid of much. People who are downsizing definitely need to consolidate.

Where people get into really big trouble is they underestimate what they have and the time it is going to take to move. I suggest hiring movers for the larger items like beds, larger furniture and heavy boxes.

It helps to have a realtor figure out if you need to buy before you sell or sell before you buy. The right planning will deliver the results someone is looking for.

Homes are selling within two to 10 days after going on the market.

People who have to sell before they buy can put their house on the market contingent on the availability of the main property that they are looking for.

This allows you to be in a position where you don’t have to sell your house, if you get an offer, if the other house is no longer available. This protects you from being homeless and is something I’ve doing with clients for years.

I would always welcome any questions or concerns about moving plans.

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