Laser treatment provides safe, effective alternative for chronic pain management

By. Dr. Chris Alvarado


I think we can prevent most common conditions through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Too much salt, sugar, and fat in excess can harm us in some way. We need to teach patients about moderation and how to be the healthiest they can, this includes emotionally and spiritually. I got into medicine because my grandfather had diabetes. Seeing my grandpa suffer from that made me want to help others.

I like to focus on the idea of what else we can be doing to help you be healthier and minimize or prevent disease. The progression of diseases can be stopped or delayed through lifestyle changes. I also specialize in natural fertility care. I work with the Creighton Model that helps women with premenstrual syndrome.

I can do hormonal testing and restore reproductive health for a woman. I believe the nearest doctor that specializes in the Creighton Model is in Ann Arbor so I am happy to bring that to Lansing. I am looking forward to providing care to families and people of all ages. I enjoy seeing people over time and seeing people make the small changes to feel better and healthier. It’s about how we can work to be the happiest, healthiest and holiest. 

Dr. Chris Alvarado

1650 Haslett Rd, Haslett, MI 48840

(517) 339-3200


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