Let’s talk about life insurance


You gotta life, right? Pretty keen on it too, yeah? So here’s the thing. What if you lose it? Seriously …  all of a sudden it’s gone. Stinks for you, but your heavy lifting on this plane is done. You got loved ones? Seriously, spouses, kids, cats … they all count. Nine times out of 10, you will be missed. I mean, you’re likable, right? But more than that, you’re gonna want that they eat, and sleep indoors and maybe go to school, maybe too, yeah? But remember — your life? Yup, it’s gone — and most likely so is your income!

AAACCCCKKK!!! Now you’re not gonna sleep tonight, right? Ahh, but here’s an idea: life insurance! Seriously, you can insure your life, too! Even though you’re not a Ferrari or a Tesla or a Chevelle, you CAN be insured. We even have what they call a “Jose Yanez, certified financial planner and all-around-swell-guy,” to chat with you! Really! What a great time to be alive (at least for now)!

Mid-Michigan Insurance Group, Inc.

4112 S. Cedar St., Lansing

(517) 664-9600


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