Millennials: Stay on your parents’ insurance as long as you legally can


As long as it is possible and legal, millennials should stay on their parents’ insurance. They have the advantage of piggybacking on credit, homeownership and multi-car discounts. Even if off to college, it is legal for them to have a permanent address at their parents’ home.

However, there does come a time when the discount is not worth it. Fudging the address and the numbers to save a few hundred dollars on insurance a year puts any serious claim in jeopardy. If an insurance company can figure out a way to deny a claim, like finding out someone isn’t living at the right address, it will use it.

Then the purpose of insurance in the first place is defeated. So, ask yourself: Is it worth it to save a few hundred dollars a year to possibly be out thousands if something were to happen? If interested in coming clean with your insurance situation, feel free to give us a call anytime with no judgments offered. Our agents would be happy to assist you.

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