Nirvana, Transcendent Insight and Insurance

By Scott Harris, LUTCF


Few people are so enlightened to know of the insurance guru who sits atop the world’s highest mountain of paperwork- somewhere beyond the Forest of Regret and the Sea of Dyspepsia.

The guru speaks of simplicity, “an insurance policy is nothing more than a contract. It is a contract that says, ‘if you give money to an insurance company and something listed in the contract comes to pass, you will be given money.’"

Of course the guru speaks of deductibles and conditions; but the guru actually preaches the importance of having an insurance agent translate the words into English.

Often the guru is asked, “why is insurance so expensive?” In the most disarming voice the guru responds, “is insurance expensive when you’ve been t-boned while driving westbound on Jolly Road, totaling your Prius and lacerating your kidney, and your insurance company must pay more than you’ve ever paid in your premiums?”

Smiling, the guru says – without uttering a word, “of course not.” The guru is wise, and knows insurance can be your dear friend while a loyal and humble (and cat loving) insurance agent can be your dearest friend.

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