Now offering glass blowing and borosilicate classes


It turns out “It’s Getting Hot in Here” isn’t just a Nelly reference nowadays. That’s right—Delphi Glass is turning up the heat (literally, to about 2,400 °F) this July with our hot glass classes. Think glass blowing is something only hippies and colonial pilgrim reenactors do? Think again with our Blown Glass Bulbs course, in which students create delicate custom ornaments. If the thought of ten-plus people wielding torches doesn’t scare you, then you’re definitely ready to start. Note: even if it does scare you a little, just know that Delphi Glass makes safety our first priority! Our hot glass classes are beginner-friendly and a great time, especially if you’re still craving fire after the 4th.

If glass blowing isn’t quite your style, check out our Intro to Borosilicate class, in which you’ll create contemporary sculptures and pendants. You’ll be using a mixture of propane and oxygen to heat your work up to several thousand degrees and manipulate glass into the perfect, Nelly-shaped pendant you’ve always wanted. While we can’t say we’ve purchased the rights to “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” we can assure you we’ll request it from the DJ during class.


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