Oh good heavens, don't buy insurance from me

By Scott Harris, LUTCF


If you drive in Michigan, you will need insurance. Whatever you do though, DON’T buy it from me! Seriously, there are literally millions of insurance agents in Michigan alone. Trust me (or don’t trust me, actually): you can do better! Why? Well …

I am fundamentally dishonest. (I almost always cheat at solitaire).

I have a faulty memory. (I probably remember fewer than half of the characters from “Game of Thrones.”)

I lack fidelity. (On too many occasions to recount I have returned home to my feline companions with the scent of “other” cats).

My health should be a concern. (I have been a vegan for 26 years. There is NO WAY that I have enough protein going on).

Competence? Really? Between deductibles, endorsement forms, remembering passwords and whom to hold grudges against, it’s a wonder that the State of Michigan allows me onto public thoroughfares, let alone to practice law. I mean, practice insurance.

So, unless you are self-loathing, self-destructive or just plain delusional (or what I like to call, “kindred spirits”), vet your agent (and spay or neuter your pets), and keep looking. There has got to be an honest, faithful, competent agent out there somewhere. Right?


Mid-Michigan Insurance Group, Inc.

4112 S. Cedar St., Lansing





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