Our experts can repair and resize almost all vintage and contemporary jewelry


Take a piece of vintage jewelry to a national jewelry store and there are almost always two courses of action. The first one is the store will refuse to work on it and advocate for a new purchase. The second is the store will take the piece of jewelry and tie it up for an extended period of time for the repair. Neither needs to happen in 99 percent of the cases. I just finished up a gold ring for a client that wore very thin.

A lot of people quite frankly might have told her it would need to be replaced, which could have cost them $700 or $800 or much more! But I rebuilt her grandmother's ring with the top all original for less than half that cost and it is just like brand new. Almost everything can be repairable. It is just a question of how far someone can go with the cost. There are only really two limitations for resizing and repairs: white gold jewelry from the late 1800s and platinum. If interested in jewelry resizing and repair, feel free to give us a call. We can get things done in a fraction of the time it takes bigger stores to do and at a reasonable price.

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