P.A. Jennifer Weston and her approach to living healthy

By Jennifer Weston, P.A.


Growing up in the Upper Peninsula set the stage for me to pay attention to my health. We were always active outside and that was just part of our routine. Now I’ve carried that into my adult life. Even with a busy schedule, I still try to find 30 minutes every day of physical activity even if it is just walking my dog.

A lot of patients come in with issues, such as being tired, can't sleep and are anxious or depressed. Using the healthcare knowledge I have, I try to explain to them the different choices they are making and how that is affecting them. I try to make a plan to help them improve their health and quality of life. Sometimes it is medication, but more often it is being a cheerleader.

I am into patients being proactive about their health. We are given one body to go through life in. The better you take care of it, the fewer issues you will have down the road. Being healthy is about moving every day and eating closer to nature. If people do that, they will generally see good outcomes.

Jennifer Weston, P.A.

Capital Internal Medicine Associates

3955 Patient Care Dr., Ste. B, Lansing



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