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Let’s talk expensive. Really, everybody knows that jewelry is, like, the most expensive thing on the planet. But it is often made of some of the rarest stuff on earth. Did you know that all of the gold we have and all that we will ever mine on this planet would make a cube that will slide under the Eiffel Tower? That’s true. Forget that it is rare. Forget that it is actually valuable. It is warm to the touch, soft and crazy durable as well as beautiful.

Here’s the deal — I’ve been at this for 4 1/2 decades. I have many older clients and customers. I’m just really lucky that they come to visit. I have learned something that is so obvious: These older people have spent a lot of money on all kinds of stuff for nearly a century, enough money individually to make us gasp in wonderment. After all of that money, they have little to show for it. What they still have, and still cherish, and is ALWAYS worth a lot more than when it was new, is their jewelry. Remember that when you buy your expensive new gizmo with a billion trillion gigaquads that will be recyclable waste in three months.

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