The phrase DIY vintage jewelry repair should sound an alarm like DIY jet engine repair


Years ago, I read a sign hanging in a shop. It read, “Labor charge: $6.00 an hour regular, $10.00 an hour to follow your specific instructions or $20.00 an hour if you fixed it first.”

Anyone who performs any type of service can appreciate the sentiment behind that sign. Perhaps I liked it so much because one of my mentors several decades told me: “This would be so much less work if they didn’t have it fixed before they brought it to us for repair.”

It probably really doesn’t matter if we’re referring to a piece of jewelry, a timepiece, the kitchen sink, or the living trust you are setting up to provide lifelong support to your most cherished loved ones. Getting help from experts saves you from making regrettable mistakes.

That said, I applaud motivation, innovation and pure guts. Just be prepared to face the consequences if you decide to “fix” your watch, your heirloom silver, your precious jewels or your Tesla before taking it to an expert for repair. I know that this probably sounds cynical, but I would truly prefer to be able to charge you less because the work was so much easier.

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