Snarky canvas boxes make debut

By Kathy Holcomb


When I saw these, they made me laugh. A lot of them are belly laughs. I wasn't sure in the beginning if we wanted to carry them. They are a little edgy, but the more I thought about it, especially in this day and age, it is really nice to just say what you mean.

Erin Smith is a young Georgia artist who started out doing artwork with verbiage into them. Then she took that into the next step by making them into greeting cards and small canvases people can have in their homes.

She is trying to make fun out of life by being snarky and in your face. She tells it like how people would like to say it, but not always having the guts.

They are on wood and are great for either sitting on desks or tables. You can also hang them on walls. They are nice little gifts for somebody you want to give something special to and brighten up their day.

There are some days you want to say “Another day ruined with responsibility.”

Giving someone something like this makes them feel like a real person.

Absolute Gallery

307 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave., Lansing



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