The benefits of in-house jewelry design, development and repair

By Alissa Sweet


When seeking a repair store for your old jewelry, the process of finding one may have sentimental value attached to it.

Will the jeweler honor the legacy of your pendant which has been passed down to you from your grandmother?

An expert in-house jeweler can completely transform your pendant to last another generation but more often than not, outsourcing is the norm in this step of the repair process. At Sweet Jewelry, our in-house jewelers don’t just eliminate the outsourcing but also have the expertise to suggest better designs, based on your choice of material. All of this is hand crafted, starting with the process of molding a large piece of wax to fit the precise requirements of our client. This hand molding can take days depending on the complexity of the design. The wax mold is then prepared for the casting process.

An “investment” which is a plaster of Paris-type material, forms the mold outside the wax. After eight hours in the casting oven, the wax melts off leaving behind a scaled, perfectly detailed imprint. We then use our client’s desired material, gold, silver, 10 kt, 14 kt, 18 kt, yellow, white or rose gold, to pour into the investment, allowing the material to take the shape of the cavity.

After the cooling period, it is then ready for setting, polishing and finishing. Our catalog of past transformations will surely attest to our expertise and we hope you choose Sweet Jewelry for your next visit to the jeweler.

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