We meet patients where they're at in their journey

By Travis Brown, P.A.


Some people are very receptive to diet and lifestyle changes. Other people just want to take their medicine and leave it at that.

We are trying to partner with patients instead of just telling them what they should do. We want to move forward together. I always say ‘How can I help you make your health better and how can we achieve that?’ 

You have to meet people where they are at. Some people might get upset at a patient and tell them ‘Why aren’t you doing that?’ That’s not my style at all. I’m not going to push you, but I’m not going to be hands off either.

With CIMA, we have a lot of resources here. If someone needs a lung function test, it gets scheduled in house and we have results here the next day. 

We have bone density, cardiology and women’s health along with providers from a lot of different backgrounds and disciplines.

My general approach is, I look at a patient like this could be my mother, father, sister or brother. I don’t look at you like you’re somebody I don’t know. I want to look at my patients like family members and I want them to be treated like my family members.

Travis Brown, P.A.

Capital Internal Medicine Associates

3955 Patient Care Dr., Lansing



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