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When is it right to downsize?

Joe Vitale


When you think it is time to downsize it often is too late.

Many people find themselves too overwhelmed with the process of uncluttering and getting rid of items; which can feel insurmountable. Often it doesn't happen, and people stay in a house that doesn't suit their needs.

This becomes more apparent with stairs and mobility issues. 

Many times when downsizing, we look at the budget first based on the specifics of the house the customer is looking for: What is your lifestyle? Will you be entertaining or hosting Thanksgiving? Do you need an area to extend the table? 

Another aspect to consider is condo versus residential home. People are drawn to condos because they want all the lawn and snow services of taken care of. But in a home, with lawn and snow service, they can achieve the same outcome at a lower price. 

When looking for a new home to downsize to, it is important to be familiar with the new property, which could easily be done with an inspection — the last thing you need is a large financial surprise in the first year. 

Also to consider when it is time to downsize, is the proximity you want to live to family members, doctors and social activities. The importance of community is not to be discounted. 

We always welcome any questions or concerns about downsizing.

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