Whitmer’s auto insurance reform in Michigan


Nobody in insurance knows what this insurance reform means yet. Even people who championed it don't know what it is going to look like. In a couple weeks, the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents is going to meet on this and we will get together to talk about what it might mean. It is all very pre-emptive.

What I am trying to do now is give info to assuage concerns and temper exuberance. First of all, it is important to discuss what info we are getting, slivers of truth filtered through the political agendas of biased news sources. Everyone wants to emphasize themselves as the good guy, but time will tell who is doing what.

What worries me as an agent now is what happens in a few years. With the choice of the newly offered cheaper insurance, in some cases someone just gave away lifetime coverage after an accident. With cheaper coverage capped at $50,000 post accident, someone with a lifelong injury would only receive the bare minimum state benefits after the limit is reached.

What I would suggest people do through the transition is find advocacy in an agent and discover exactly how these changes might affect you. The changes will go into effect at the earliest in July 2020.

We always welcome any questions about insurance concerns.

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