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As a person who earned a master’s degree in reading and held an Illinois reading specialist teacher’s certificate for many years, I would like to explain that “dyslexia” is a lay term (not used by reading teachers) regarding reading disabilities. more
It’s time to pull the plug. it is drowning and can’t be saved. Hard to believe that this town with a major university and a great little city can’t have a paper that brings out the goodness. more
For anyone serious about putting a ballot proposal in front of Michigan voters in 2022, the clock is ticking. more
Which prominent political figure recently kicked off a press release about the state’s Republican-led House and Senate with the following quote? “Michigan needs a new legislature.” more
For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Michigan has now skyrocketed to the top of the worst states in the nation for new COVID-19 cases. Considering the shocking fact that more Michiganders are hospitalized due to COVID than at any previous point in the pandemic, we aren’t the only ones to observe that what we are now doing to contain COVID-19 just isn’t working. Hospital intensive care units across the state are maxing out — again. The situation is so dire that U.S. military medical teams have been called in to provide emergency support to hospitals in Detroit and Grand Rapids. more
Mayor Andy Schor’s post-reelection honeymoon is off to a stumbling start, thanks to his ill-considered decision to lift the City Hall COVID-19 mask mandate despite skyrocketing cases in Lansing and across the state. After catching hell from Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail and others, Schor reversed himself, but the damage was done. more
If Michigan has ever had 12 major-party candidates running for governor in one election cycle, I can’t find it. more
One day when I was the lead faculty of the Lansing Community College Writing Program, I was hanging around in the department lobby area where, at the administrative assistant’s desk, a group of students demanded to see the department’s  chairperson. They should have been in class, but there was no class because their professor was absent, again. more
Don’t disrupt Medicare Advantage Working as a family physician, I understand the importance of quality care – from childhood on through retirement. As a senior myself, I also know the … more
I saw Bath’s buck pole on TV and it sickened me. I think the reporters knew it would repulse the viewers. I understand we need hunters to keep the deer population down for the safety of drivers, but that has nothing to do with displaying for public view the dead bodies of these beautiful, harmless creatures. more
It looks like D.C. Republicans and state Sen. Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, have found the perfect match in each other. more
As the prosecutor, I have worked — with the support and mandate of the voters — throughout my two terms on the consistent and intertwined issues of public safety, supporting victims, racial equity, smart reforms to the criminal legal system and reducing mass incarceration. more
Once every 10 years, following the decennial census, the boundaries that define legislative districts for the Michigan Legislature and Congress are redrawn to reflect changes in population, with the goal of ensuring that each district more or less contains the same number of people. One might expect this process to be a simple exercise in mathematics and map drawing. In reality, it’s anything but simple and more often than not, rife with political maneuvering that seeks to gain an electoral advantage for one political party or the other. more
We were as surprised as anyone by last week’s announcement that long-time Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing plans to step down next June from the elected position he has held for the last two decades. With three years remaining on his four-year term, Schertzing says he is relocating to Washington, D.C., where his wife, Nancy, has plans to advance her career. more
A week after Democrats took a bath in Virginia and nearly lost the governorship in reliably blue New Jersey, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer put all of her public emphasis on her home state. more
The city of Lansing reported its 21st murder of the year in mid-September, and in many of these incidents, a firearm was the weapon used. Sadly, these violent crimes are happening across the counties that Crimestoppers of Mid-Michigan represents, as well as the state and nation. more
Having served in the Michigan State House, I am very familiar with the needs of my community. Now in my retirement, issues that I once advocated for as an ally on the House floor have become highly personal. One such concern is health care coverage for seniors. more
I too am one of the folks who thought it silly and excessive for the East Lansing schools to ban celebrations of Halloween and Valentine’s Day. While I can see it’s an expedient way for the school district to eliminate a handful of minor issues these celebrations may present, I also believe it is another example of a sacrifice of the joys the many for the feelings of a very few. more
This page of today’s City Pulse went to the printer before the polls closed in Tuesday’s city election. (Turn to Page 5 for the local election results.) Although we’re nearly certain who won the mayor’s race, in the interest of avoiding a modern-day “Dewey defeats Truman” moment, this editorial reflects on an agenda for Lansing’s next mayor no matter who was elected. more
Voters were clearly satisfied with that. Faced with a choice between vanilla, light-splash family man and a Type A wild child who moonlights as a foul-mouthed comedian, the former wins with those 60 and over. more
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